Marte Montipo'

About me

Hello! I'm Marte, a 22 years old developer from Reggio Emilia, Italy. I'm currently employed at Soluzioni Futura as a full-stack web developer.

On my spare time, I love creating Unity and Godot games, porting Xash3D (a Half-Life engine rewritten from scratch) to platforms like iOS and the Wii and working on other weird projects :)

I'm also an avid CS:GO and Team Fortress 2 player.

personal projects


PrivacyLayer is an app for Android 4.4+ devices that lets users encrypt and decrypt text using a customizable key.


A flexible, plugin-based, open source Telegram bot for groups written in Python.


A Tetris remake in the Godot game engine. It is available both as a native binary or as an HTML5 page.

things I've worked on @ soluzioni futura

These are all projects I've worked on at Soluzioni Futura


An online boutique that sells exclusive home design products.

HolyArt App

The official mobile app for, written in TypeScript and leveraging Expo.