Marte Montipo'

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About me

I'm a 21 years old developer from Reggio Emilia, Italy. I'm currently employed at Soluzioni Futura as a full-stack web developer.

On my spare time, I love creating Unity and Godot games, porting Xash3D (a Half-Life engine rewritten from scratch) to platforms like iOS and the Wii and working on other weird projects :)

I'm also an avid CS:GO player. You can find my Steam profile here.

personal projects


PrivacyLayer is an app for Android 4.4+ devices that lets users encrypt and decrypt text using a customizable key.


A flexible, plugin-based, open source Telegram bot for groups written in Python.


A Tetris remake in the Godot game engine. It is available both as a native binary or as an HTML5 page.

things I've worked on @ soluzioni futura

These are all projects I've worked on at Soluzioni Futura



Holyart App

The official mobile app for, written in TypeScript and leveraging Expo.